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A little background on myself…

I am a Freelance Producer / Cameraman / Editor with over 10 years of staff experience for one of the biggest Independent Television Production companies worldwide, Sunset and Vine.

I worked with some of the very best producers, directors, presenters, broadcasters and reporters in the business during those 10 years and now continue to do so in the freelance world where I’ve been successfully making a go of things for the past 12 years.

It was at Sunset and Vine where I gained many diverse skills, ambition and confidence and am extremely grateful to have worked and learned from some of the best people in the business.

In May 2012 I decided to go it alone and start up my company Back Post Productions and haven’t looked back since.

The exciting world of freelance television has brought many great opportunities my way, and travelling all over the world working with huge businesses and sports organisations really has been an incredible journey thus far.

I have been fortunate to work on many diverse and exciting projects across a range of genres both in the sporting and corporate worlds.

The Premier League, FIFA, The Olympics, Adidas, McDonalds, Rolls Royce, Vodafone are a very few organisations and companies that I’ve worked regularly for each year, and each and every day brings something new which keeps me on my toes yet allows me to be creative in my approach, thinking and execution.

My vast 23+ years experience in the world of television has provided some amazing opportunities in life that most jobs don’t bring but more importantly it has provided me with the necessary skills to work in many differing environments within the tv world. Skills that most others within the industry haven’t been fortunate to attain.

Whether it’s as a producer, director, cameraman, editor or script writer I am confident that I can deliver the very best of what is needed to any production.

Alex Pinkett
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Marc Convey – Managing Director 23-Digital

"I worked with Alex Pinkett indirectly at poker events for many years, and then when I started my own video agency and needed to fill a roster of suitable freelancers, he was top of the list.

His calm nature, attention to detail and ability to work within, or lead a team, was a big reason my business got off to a great start and is still going strong nearly 3 years later.

I was particularly impressed with how he shared knowledge with less experienced members of various event teams, and his ability to shoot and edit under pressure without a drop off in production quality is mightily impressive.

Cannot come more highly recommended."

Ali Large – Owner, Let's Talk Fresh

"I met Alex at a chance meeting when working with Noel Fitzpatrick, aka The Supervet. From that moment on, I have never stopped working with him.

He's smart, highly professional and hugely talented, always willing, always listens, great value and delivers the best pieces of film and programs I've seen in years. I'd never think of using anyone else and I'd like to keep him to myself but he's asked me for a testimonial and I can't fib."

Adam Darke – Director and owner ‘andthatsgospel’

"Alex has worked on my projects for more than 15 years. From corporate jobs to sports documentary’s to World Cup finals in front of billions of people. There is nobody better and there is nobody I would trust more.

Technically brilliant with a range of skills from shooting to editing to producing and beyond and yet it is his personality that underpins everything he does and ensures a fun and professional working experience and successful end result.

He is genuinely one of the nicest, kindest people you will meet and someone who adds huge value to what you do - creatively, technically, professionally but most of all on a human level."

Philip Lymbery – CEO Compassion in World Farming

"I’ve worked with many film editors and camera folk in my time and I can honestly say that none have been better than Alex. His camera work is spot on and his editing tells stories with pace, clarity and compelling intelligence. Highly recommended."

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